Bruce Beery, LMBT, Durham North Carolina Bruce Beery, LMBT, Durham North Carolina


A client with scoliosis:

“I am a Physical Therapist and also have severe scoliosis. I thought I had permanently lost the ability to move in certain ways due my scoliosis and changes in body tissue over time. In just two sessions with Bruce, I had neck and spine mobility improvements that lasted nearly three months. And after three sessions, I am pleased to report these improvements remain after nine months. I am a huge fan of myofascial release technique, and Bruce Beery is tops in his field.”Annette M., PT, GCS

An accident victim:

“When I came to BKB Bodywork for a treatment, I was experiencing back pain that had begun with a minor injury. During the course of several weeks, the pain had became so severe that moving and even breathing deeply was uncomfortable. During my treatment, I could feel the release of tension in my back as if the spot where I hurt the worst breathed in and then relaxed in an exhale. By the time I left the table, I could only feel a shadow of the pain I had when I came in. That night I slept comfortably and in the morning felt both refreshed and pain free. I am happy to say that I have been able to return to my normal activities because your treatment worked wonders for me.”Linda H.

TMJ dysfunction:

“My name is Rita G and I have TMJ. The pain was so horrific that it would start in my jaw and shoot through my left ear. It got to the point that I would wake up with headaches. Then I met Bruce. His knowledge of human anatomy gave me relief in 1 visit. I have had 2 more sessions since then and my pain is almost nonexistent. Thank you Bruce. If you have pain, Bruce can help you.”Rita G.

An “old age” bad knee:

“WOW!!! That’s the word, WOW!!! My right leg (the one with the knee that has been bothering me) is actually straight!! My foot has pointed out when I walk for as long as I can remember. But after you worked on that leg, it is straight like my left one. My knee isn’t hurting either. My left arm is little sore (very little), but other than that I am good. I am actually surprised that I have ANY soreness as you were so gentle with everything you did.”Lisa E.


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